The Artist

The Artist

Good Wednesday morning.  It’s still chilly but the sun is getting warmer so it should not be long before the warmer weather gets here. The Artist was home for a few days catching up on some much needed R & R.  Always love to have him here with me. We share coffee in the morning and have talk about the day ahead.  He’s a runner so that is usually the first thing on his schedule which fits right with mine.  I can get him out from being under foot and get my house chores for the day started.  Those usually are what I call, “Ground Zero.”  Make beds, shine kitchen and bath’s, start laundry and figure out dinner.

He got to finish up one of his larger pictures and it turned out beautius as always.  I’ll show you from the start.

I’m pretty sure this is where the idea came from.  It’s a building in the city, but I don’t think it’s the one in his painting.

And so we begin…

I told you it was one of his bigger creations.  He likes to experience and learn different techniques that you don’t always get from the smaller painting. He had to do quite a lot of calculating and placement.

Now the painting begins…

It turned out to be much larger than I think he expected but added to the learning process which is always a plus… I don’t think he’s ready to put an amen to this, but soon.   This is where he’s at now with the painting.

I think it’s looking good.  I love the colors on the buildings, but the road really catches my eye.  I hope you are enjoying his artwork.  Thepainterswife…