Just love this day, Friday don’t you…Sleeping in Saturday, hanging out with the Painter.  No Blackhawk’s this weekend b/c it’s the All Star break.  Let’s hope they can work out this little bump in the road they have been experiencing.  They lost last night, boo hoo.  That’s okay, they’ll get it back.  

I don’t know where the sun has gone, but it we haven’t seen the sun in IDK how many days.  The Painter has been working this week as usual.  Here’s what’s on tap for this weekend…

He finished up the, “Brown Beauty.”          

When I went in to say good night to him, this is what he was working on.

Well I guess he was just practicing…Have a great weekend.  Don’t forget to check back throughout the weekend to see what were up too!!  Hopefully he’ll put down the paint brush for a few and we’ll catch a movie.  Have a great Friday…