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Good Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to all of you who are in love with art and the process of  creating your own masterpieces.  I went into the Painter's studio and saw 3/4 canvases that had been painted over (the Painter had already painted on them, but changed his mind) so he can start with a clean slate w/o wasting them.   He's read much about the master's of  the art.  The Da Vinci's, Monet, etc. and how they were extremely conservative with their...


" I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."  Vincent Van Gogh   The Artist tried his hand at some oils.  He said it was different and he liked the texture of painting with them.  He said, "It was not as difficult as it was using watercolors."  Personally I think all his artwork is exceptional, but I might be a bit prejudiced.    

Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and The Artist

I know that is quite the group to be a part of.  The Artist gets his inspiration from the Master's so that is why I put him up there with them.  Because of course Vincent van Gogh didn't know he was even a master.  He didn't become a famous painter until after his untimely death/ suicide by a gunshot to his chest.  He didn't die from that self inflicted wound until 29 hours later.   You can go on wikipedia to...