Monday’s Masterpieces

Monday’s Masterpieces

Good Monday morning to everyone.  Wow, what a Super Bowl Sunday that was.  Oh yes we watched it from kickoff to entire game into a crazy OT !!!  OMG I can’t believe that’s how it turned out.  The lesson from that is never, never quit.  It ain’t over, til it’s over…  Anything is possible.  Okay enough already.  I was busy getting ready for the big game this weekend, planning menu’s, grocery shopping and then cooking on Super Bowl Sunday.  Really I was so I didn’t have time to do, “Sell Something Saturday/Sunday.”  I figured everyone else was doing the same thing too so I would just wait til Monday’s Masterpieces.  

And the Painter was painting/sketching all weekend long.  He really put some great works out there.

This is what Friday Night looked like so I had a feeling what I would be doing this weekend.   This is how they looked when he really finished up.  I thought they were done until he told me they weren’t and then he finally put an amen to them.


He started sketching some new paintings Friday night or more likely Saturday morning…

He finished, “The Bridge.”  I think it turned out really pretty.  The detail in the stones on the bridge is what really catches my eye.  I love the sky in the background too !!

The second one he was working on was, “Matthew.”  Our son is a professional Ballet Dancer.  This is where his inspiration came from.


He’s not finished with this picture yet but I really like this one too.  Our son dances on Richmond Ballet in Virginia so if any of you are out that way they are woking on, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  I think it opens this weekend.  

That’s all for Monday’s Masterpieces.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and your week is off to a sunny start.  Blessings from thepainterswife.