Monday’s Masterpiece

Monday’s Masterpiece

Good Monday afternoon.  I know Monday’s it just takes a bit to get me going…Besides it’s a cloudy, damp & foggy, winter day in the Midwest…Can we get a little bit of sun maybe.  I have a new picture from the painter this weekend and he finished up with his one from last week.  A few changes and he gave it a new name which is huge for him because he doesn’t like to name them, I don’t know why.  Here’s last weeks Masterpiece…

The Frozen Wasteland

That’s his new title.  I think last week he called it, “The Land of Desperation.”  Yes the artist has walked across that bridge and he knows how those people feel.  It’s that wind that blows right through and into your bones, hence the title change “Frozen,” brrrr….That was last weeks and here’s what he worked on this weekend in between the Blackhawks and the football playoff’s.

He’s not quite finished with this one, but it’s looking good.  Here’s what he’s got going on so far…

These really are mini workshops for him as he’s learning from his books.  He really is very talented though.  I know I could be reading those books and practicing what the exercise is and it would look very different.

Check out our store and see if you like something.  In the coming weeks, I am going to be changing the painting’s up.  Make sure you keep checking back.  Blessing for your week.