Monday’s Masterpiece

Monday’s Masterpiece

Woo Hoo the sun is out !!!  OMG I got up to see the sun because it hasn’t been out for 8 days straight.  It was so pretty, but alas the afternoon comes and I guess that’s when the clouds are suppose to arrive and they did.  I’m not going to complain because the sun will come back I have faith it will…

The weekend went by so quickly as usual, but the Painter was hard at work on his painting’s.  He’s got a big picture going right now.  The Board of Trade building.  He passes this on his way to work everyday so I think he just thought it would be a challenge to create. He’s all about challenges, one of the things I love about him.  Here is what he has going so far…

There was also some shenanigans going on with our little friends.  

The animals just love, love, love my husband. Not as much as I do but they don’t leave his side all weekend long.  Animals are really a very good judge of character, don’t you think.  They are also loyal to the end.  He loves them very much too !!!

I think this Monday Masterpiece is going to take a bit longer than the weekend.  I saw him doing math with the calculator to get the dimensions right.  Stay tuned.  I hope you checked out the store, I put a new painting up, “The Frozen Wasteland.” It’s an oil, I have to change the purchasing particulars on it.  Have a great week !!!  I’m working on my planner’s as usual.  That picture is taking up a lot of my space, but no worries we just roll on.