Metal Music & The Painter’s Wife

Metal Music & The Painter’s Wife

I do wear many hats.  I am a wife, mother, grandmama and so on.  Homemaker, Chef, Housecleaner and yes a Blogger who is also a Metal Momma !!  I love my life.  I have made it exactly how I want it.  A lot of it is great, sometimes life gets in the way.  When that happens, you just push it aside.   Time is too important to waste on the life’s little aggravations.  

Did I tell you we sold 2 pictures this week.  Keeping the dream alive.  The pictures we sold were, “The Passion of Jesus Christ” and “Beach Beauty.”  Everything is good.  I’m hoping we can sell 2 pictures a day !!  That would be very cool.  It’s funny because I run this end of the business.  The Artist just paints.  When we have made sales OMG, if those paintings are not printed and shipped yesterday, well they just better be.  

I Love working it for him though.  He loves to share his artwork with the world and I do too !!!  It really takes a lot of commitment to the entire process.  Don’t get discouraged and just push past any negativity.  Feel good about your day, feel good about what you do.  Love the life that you create.

Make sure you go check out the store.  I have put up a new one !!!  This one is of D.Randall Blythe, Lead Singer of Lamb of God.  He is also a published author, “Dark Days, a memoir.”  He and my dancer guys are good friends.  We had the privilege of meeting him at his book signing.  The Artist thought it would be cool to paint a picture of  him.  We gave it to him on one of our visits out there.  He liked it and I think it turned out really cool, the 2 Randy’s.  Here are some of the pics from our visit.  Also a couple of pics of our dancer guys we took when we went out there.  Enjoy <3