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Let’s Do Some Blog Candy!!

        HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND YA'LL!! It's a holiday weekend, its the end of summer and I'm feeling SNAPPY.  I'd like to do our first ever BLOG CANDY giveaway here at Elan Creations.  Here's how its works: Leave a comment on this post Share this post on a social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) Comment on our Facebook Page I'll number each comment and by random draw for the winner next Sunday, September 11, 2016. The winner gets an unframed print of his/her choice.  

Grand Opening Night

Greetings performer's, let me introduce myself.  I am thepainterswife.  This is what I do, I blog about the Artist (or the husband's) artwork.  We are an artist family.  I have dancer's (professional Ballet dancer son's) musician's and then of course there is the husband who this website was created for.  The husband is an amazing artist and he decided one day he had a picture he wanted to paint, so he did.  That was about 5 years and about...

Welcome Performers

Elan Creations has oodles of art We offer this through the internet mart There's sure to be something exciting and new The Artist's talents will always shine through Walk through our store, and fill up your cart Deciding what to buy will be the hardest part !!!