Another Weekend/Another Masterpiece

Another Weekend/Another Masterpiece

Yes this is what he does on his weekends.  I don’t even mind because he does it with such a passion.  He is a suit all week long, his day job.  That keeps a roof over our head, a kitchen full of food and a car with a full tank of gas.  Plus we can go out to the movies, or a nice dinner.

I’m so glad though he can still pursue his passion.  I love watching the progression.  Here’s what I mean…First the Artist will sketch out what he wants to create in graphite.  He usually will start sketching this on Friday night…

Then the painting process begins and that’s where it gets really fun to watch…

Lives of Quiet Desperation

 Of course his Bella always has to get in the picture.  She usually doesn’t leave his side all weekend while he paints.  He also has a little miss elsa and his kitty Mr. Louie.  They just love, love, love him.  You can tell a lot about a person who animals love don’t you think.

So this is Sunday night and he’s still working on it.  This is almost the finished product.  When I took this picture he shouted out, “It’s not finished yet !!!”  I know, I know, whew.  He’s definitely my Artist.  Here’s the last look at it for this weekend.  He’ll probably finish it up tonight around 11:30/12 Midnight.  That’s an Artist for you, Blessings and have a great week <3


I really like the color’s of this painting.  I’ve walked across that bridge in the winter, and I feel their pain.  It’s cold, brrrr.