Monthly Archives - February 2017

Good Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to all of you who are in love with art and the process of  creating your own masterpieces.  I went into the Painter's studio and saw 3/4 canvases that had been painted over (the Painter had already painted on them, but changed his mind) so he can start with a clean slate w/o wasting them.   He's read much about the master's of  the art.  The Da Vinci's, Monet, etc. and how they were extremely conservative with their...

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday !!!  Well we thought winter was over, not so much.  So we are just enjoying a quiet weekend, staying inside and keeping warm.  The painter has been busy with his artwork.  Here is a quick look at what he is working on now.  I enjoy watching the process, don't you.  Would love to know what you think.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monday’s Masterpieces

Good Monday morning to everyone.  Wow, what a Super Bowl Sunday that was.  Oh yes we watched it from kickoff to entire game into a crazy OT !!!  OMG I can't believe that's how it turned out.  The lesson from that is never, never quit.  It ain't over, til it's over...  Anything is possible.  Okay enough already.  I was busy getting ready for the big game this weekend, planning menu's, grocery shopping and then cooking on Super Bowl Sunday.  Really...