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Happy Monday, Happy Week

We had a beautius weekend.  But alas, that has come to an end but onto another beautius day and I just love the beginning of anything even if it is Monday and the start of another week.   Sorry we've been away.  Sadly to say we were on family business.  My father passed away so we were with him as entered into eternal life in heaven.  It really was a beautiful moment.  He had his 4 girls with him and...

The Cactus Rose

Hi to all of the performer's out in the blogosphere ...  We have been away for awhile, the Artist and me thepainterswife.  I'm glad to see you are still visiting and shopping around.  We were out west and got some great pictures that the Artist has already started on.  Those mountains, well every time I looked up I just had to take a picture.  Some say the desert has no color.  I'm sorry I must disagree with that because of all...


" I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."  Vincent Van Gogh   The Artist tried his hand at some oils.  He said it was different and he liked the texture of painting with them.  He said, "It was not as difficult as it was using watercolors."  Personally I think all his artwork is exceptional, but I might be a bit prejudiced.    

Our Lord, Jesus Christ

The Artist was painting again this weekend.  Beautiful   He is very good as you can tell from his painting's.  If you are interested in commissioning him for something that you would like him to create, just go to, "Contact," on the website.  I hope you are enjoying all of this beautiful artwork.  Blessings to all the performer's who visit.  Have a great week.

Passion of Christ

Good Sunday to all the performer's who are visiting our website.  It's taking me a little while to get use to all of the different things to do with this website.  It's exciting to see the Artist painting's up for sale.  I'm going to post this one for Sunday, "Passion of Christ."  Blessings 

Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and The Artist

I know that is quite the group to be a part of.  The Artist gets his inspiration from the Master's so that is why I put him up there with them.  Because of course Vincent van Gogh didn't know he was even a master.  He didn't become a famous painter until after his untimely death/ suicide by a gunshot to his chest.  He didn't die from that self inflicted wound until 29 hours later.   You can go on wikipedia to...